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Paola Rodriguez-Perez

Workplace Experience & Events Specialist, Builders Vision

Paola Rodriguez Perez

Paola Rodriguez-Perez is the Workplace Experience and Events Specialist for Builders Vision. She brings over 15 years of experience to her current role, after developing a precise sense of dexterity alongside senior-level executives at organizations like Guggenheim Partners and Getty Images.

She takes pride in her abilities to anticipate leadership needs, think critically, and offer solutions to problems with a high level of integrity and discretion. Bilingual, she also possesses a knack for event planning, marketing, business management, and financial planning.

Born in Texas and raised in Chicago, Paola’s passion for entrepreneurship doesn’t end at 5 PM. When she’s not at Builders, she manages several properties and owns a Lakeview boutique with her sisters. In her spare time, she volunteers at various organizations, she enjoys working out, biking, concerts, exploring the city, and hanging out with her family.